A businesswoman whose career has been dedicated to supporting people find employment, is spearheading a social movement to help shape Northern Powerhouse dialogue and plans.

Personally I’ve never been convinced by arguments that economic growth always benefits everybody in a community. Lots of studies have shown that not to be the case, as has my own first hand experience as Managing Director of Liverpool based Transform Lives.

As I write it is a year since the UK voted by a slim margin to leave the EU; the Conservative government has pledged £1b to the DUP to support a confidence and supply deal that may or may not keep it in power for 5 years;

The 2016 edition of our Good Growth for Cities series highlighted Doncaster as one of the fastest improving cities in the index. In this blog, we look at the initiatives put in place to bring about this improvement.

Two organisations, Leeds Community Homes and Plus Dane Housing look at how community and social housing can be at the heart of housing market changes.

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