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Mary Sharples

Mary Sharples

My name is Mary, I was born in a small house and lived with my Mum, Dad and Grandma. The house hadn't got a bathroom and only an outside toilet. We didn't have TV, phone, mobile phone or computer.

We only had, a Wireless which had a huge battery which had to be taken to a shop to be charged up. We had to carry it very carefully so the acid would not come out, the Wireless has now been replaced by the Radio. We had a bath in a tub in front of the fire, but only once a week.

When I was a year old, the second world war was declared. My dad joined the Royal Air force, so I didn't see him very much can only remember seeing him once during that time. Food was on ration so I couldn't have many sweets, just one a day, perhaps that is why I still have my own teeth today.

I used to be taken to Blackpool with my Mum and auntie, and I did have some rock from Woolworth's, in a lovely old building, which is still there today, although we don't have Woolworth's anymore.  When we were on the beach and went down to the sea there was a number on the sea wall, so we wouldn't get lost. Our costumes were knitted and went very baggy in the water.

When I was four my Mum told me, we had to go to Blackpool to see my Dad, to say goodbye as he was going to the Far east to Burma. When he came home after the war, I didn't know him, but he brought lots of presents so it was fine.


15 May 2020



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