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Fran Sharples

Fran Sharples

Hi, my name is Fran.

I was born in 1945 just as the second world war finished, I lived in Manchester with my mum, dad and two older sisters. We shared a 2 bedroom flat and we girls shared a bed.

My first memories of the flat were that it was dark and never very warm. My dad was artistic and he tried to cheer our room up, he painted the walls with Rupert bear characters. Rupert was a very popular bear in those days.

We were poor but as a child you do not realise that as all our family were the same. We only had the radio to listen to and didn't get a tv until the 1950’s. It was a 12-inch screen with only black and white pictures. I would rush home from school to watch children's hour, then the tv would shut down until the evening, you had to tune in at certain times.

I remember the coronation of our present queen Elizabeth II, we all crowded into our living room to watch all day. At school we were given a coronation mug with lemonade in it and a penguin biscuit what a treat!

My sister Joan broke her mug on the way home and tried to claim mine, but I howled until our mum made her give it back and I still have the mug.

It was a very simple life just school and playing in the street. You had one of everything one pair shoes, one coat and lots of handmade clothes. However, I did have lovely ribbons for my hair, I had long hair and my mum would plait it and the put ribbons on the end.

It wasn't until the 1960’s that colour came into my life before that everything had been dark green, brown or grey.

The 60’s well that's another story for another day.

I hope you have enjoyed my memories.


15 May 2020



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