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We believe that it is important to reflect the rich culture and soul of the North, and to make sure that we harness the vibrancy and the values from all sectors of society in order to move forward!

Together we can shape the Powerhouse agenda to include a wider coalition of organisations and voices from across diverse backgrounds.

You can influence and challenge the debate and plans for the North: help us to highlight inspiring and impactful practice in areas such as education, health and wellbeing and housing, or relating to our pillars.

Our five pillars to create a People’s Powerhouse:

  1. A more inclusive north where our diverse voices and strengths are represented/ diversity

  2. A good economy that works for more people/economy

  3. Devolution that genuinely includes local people/devolution

  4. A focus on the value of all our place/events

  5. More collaboration, sharing and learning together

Your contribution is essential

The more people and organisations who join and support our movement to bring about a People’s Powerhouse, the more change we will be able to achieve.

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