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We know that some groups may need financial support to take part.  We have a small pot of money you can apply for (up to £500) to help make your event a success. 

We are open for #ThisIsTheNorth local event entries NOW

  • If you don’t need financial support, please proceed by just entering details of the event and we'll include it on our Interactive Map.

  • Local activities will be held on a date between the 19 August and the 15 November 2019

  • We will celebrate those activities and conversations at the People’s Powerhouse Convention in Sunderland on the 19 November 2019. Further information will be shared with those who take part (e.g. they must send photos, video clips, something we can display)

Please contact us by emailing stephanie@peoplespowerhouse.org.uk for ideas and inspiration.

Thank you for your support!

*We'll be publishing some further information to support organisations who are working with us to host their own #ThisIsTheNorth event.

Your #ThisIsTheNorth Local Event

  • Submissions to us can include one-hour sessions, webinars, networking opportunities, conferences and more we are open to your ideas. 

  • We welcome joint submissions from organisations who partner together to host an event or activity

  • The event or activity needs to take place between the 19 August and 15 November 2019 and needs to be located in the North focussed around the themes in the People’s Powerhouse Charter.

  • The event must not have a political or religious affiliation

  • All events must be inclusive and accessible

  • We can only pay money to organisations not individuals

  • The money will be paid to the organisation following the event

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This is the North

Something NEW for 2019
People's Powerhouse Local Events

Share what’s working - Help spread the word!

We're very excited about this year’s Convention in Sunderland.  However, we know that attending events doesn’t work for everyone.  This year in partnership with Power to Change we want to support you to tell your story, to highlight the work of organisations across the North who already are the People’s Powerhouse. 

This is the North will include local events, all building a diverse, inclusive, prosperous North.  We hope it is an opportunity for you to share how you are making a difference.  The theme can be anything linked to the Charter.

Why not host your own People’s Powerhouse local activity or event?  Be one of a series showcased at our Sunderland Convention to a larger audience. 

Showcase the work you’re doing!

Contribute to the People’s Powerhouse Movement, by asking us to enter your event on the Interactive Map

This is an opportunity to get your partners and the people you work with together to celebrate your work and spread the word about how YOU are part of the People’s Powerhouse.  This could be anything, from an hours’ get-together with a cuppa, to a full days’ conference. 

The choice is yours.  It could be you and your team, an activity that brings local delivery partners, businesses, councils, arts, heritage, sport, music, colleges, health, community groups or anyone else in your area together!

You may even have an event planned already which promotes one or more of the foundations in the Charter – tell us about it, we’ll promote it as part of the #PeoplesPowerhouse #ThisIsTheNorth series of events.   

If you want to take part

  • Fill out the form on this page and we'll enter your event on the Interactive Map.

  • We will promote your activity using #ThisIsTheNorth #PeoplesPowerhouse.

  • If invited, one of our People’s Powerhouse Team will join in!

  • We’ll share materials you can use as well as top tips to promote your event, please let us know if this is something, you’d like support with.

Tell us what you plan to do during your #ThisIsTheNorth event. Tell us how you plan to use one or more of the foundations in the People’s Powerhouse Charter during your event to celebrate the North and challenge our hope of the future of the North:

The following information needs to be completed if you are applying for financial support to run your event or activity.

You can use the money (up to £500) for venue hire, refreshments, travel reimbursements for unwaged people, etc

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