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Questions and answers about the People’s Powerhouse movement and how to get involved.

The idea of a ‘People's Powerhouse’ rapidly gathered momentum following criticism of a Northern Powerhouse conference in Manchester in February 2017

The criticism was not just for the lack of female speakers, but the lack of diversity more generally.

This led to wider questions about who the ‘Northern Powerhouse’ is for; and if its stated priorities such as infrastructure and transport were the right ones. The concept of creating a ‘People's Powerhouse’ movement for the North of England was born.


The aim of The People's Powerhouse movement is to bring about a step change in the debate; putting people and communities at the heart of Powerhouse plans, not at the periphery.

The aim is to build a long-term movement for change that supports good and inclusive growth in the North with a particular focus will be on how people are the key to growth.

We also want to include all sectors and sections of the community and this includes harnessing the combined skills and leverage of the public sector, voluntary, community, civic leaders and business.

For more information on our aims please see our Putting the People in the Powerhouse report here

No. The lack of female panelists at a Powerhouse conference in Manchester started the debate; but also raised other important issues. 

We noticed that people very quickly responded to two main issues: the skewed focus of the Northern Powerhouse narrative that did little to address how growth can transform lives for all of us; and, a concern about who is taking part in the Powerhouse debate and decision-making process.

The North of England is a diverse region and only by putting people at the heart of planning and decisions will we achieve the improvements we need for all of us.

Bringing in a wide range of views and experience from right across the North of England, and not only the city regions is very important for us.

Throughout 2018 we will be holding local events right across the North, and our ambition is to be able to deliver local intelligence at scale to help inform Powerhouse decision making and plans.

Questions about events published on this website.

The People's Powerhouse is a collective response to unmistakable interest, enthusiasm and support for a dialogue about people, skills and communities rather than business, transport and property.

A skewed focus on business deals, transport and property without mention of people, skills or communities will not create the kind of step change we need to see, nor will it create the kind of North we all want to live, work or do business in.

Events are just a part of a wider movement to create a North that works for everyone.

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