NetworkingTo impact positively on more peoples’ lives and life chances

  • By fostering a proactive approach that creates a culture of sharing and learning
  • So that best practice is more visible, understood and replicated

We are a sharing community

Our members actively share experience, best practice, learning and insights 

Each is open to sharing what works for them, in their context. 

We are non-judgemental

All our sharing is valid, whatever the concept, whether tested or not

All comments and contributions are constructive, aimed at helping to raise everyone’s quality, ability, delivery and impact

NetworkingWe are respectful and trustworthy

All sharing is treated with respect

All re-sharing or adoption of practice is acknowledged

The constant encouragement to keep sharing is everyone’s responsibility

We are safe and ethical

Members will always acknowledge the source

They will not copy or plagiarise

The People’s Powerhouse is a collaborative community

Members are free to collaborate on equal, open and transparent terms of engagement

Membership means a member is willing to be contacted to share what works for them