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The People are the Powerhouse

Who you will present to?

We expect to attract more than 250 people – including local people, those from all levels of government, policy makers, funders, voluntary and community organisations, public sector, private businesses. 

Sessions will accommodate between 30-100 people and we will curate rooms once we’ve shortlisted all ideas.

Attending the Convention

We are unable to offer complimentary places to all speakers.  This is because we expect a lot of speakers and we hope you will stay for the whole day, including lunch.  If you are selected we will send you the registration information.

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We have about 20 places for the seven minute sessions and 10 for the longer ones.  If your offer is chosen, we will liaise with you for the contact details of your partner/ presenters if appropriate, so we can process their Convention registration. 

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We expect to be over-subscribed; if you are not successful this time, there will be ample networking time to share in other ways.  We will also keep hold of your information.  There will be follow on opportunities.

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The People are the Powerhouse

20 November 2018 - Northern Commercials Stadium, Bradford City FC,  9.30am – 4.30pm

Your offer to take part

Can you add to our growing understanding of the core five themes of the People’s Powerhouse?


Your contribution can be either something you are already doing which is working brilliantly, and which you want more people to know about, or it could be a new and untested idea or ‘hunch’, a theory or provocation.

  • Is it good practice you can share?

  • What have you done that others can replicate or with help, could be scaled to have more impact in Northern communities?

  • What do we need to do more of, or do differently, to get better outcomes?

  • What ideas are you trialling?


We are looking for two types of contributions. You choose:

  • Firstly, you might decide to give us a 7 Minute Inspiration – a soapbox opportunity to tell us about something you are doing, something you want to challenge, or an idea you need support with.  Just give it a go!

  • Secondly, you might decide you/with colleagues would like to run a more in-depth, hour-long interactive session in our break-out rooms, each one can hold  around 50 people

Offers to us can include challenge questions, ideas, case studies, solutions, research and or policy updates relevant to this agenda, but must be topical, real, current and interesting to a wide range of people.

  Expression of Interest Form

Please select ONE People’s Powerhouse theme you best fit in to and whether you want to run a longer workshop (with partners for example) or deliver a 10-minute Inspiration:  PLEASE SELECT ONE THEME ONLY.

We know your work may overlap in multiple areas.  Don’t worry, choose the most relevant box to help us manage the ideas coming through.  You can read more about these themes here.

Our address

The People's Powerhouse
Jenny Sanderson Suite,
Blackburne House, Hope Street,
Liverpool L8 7PE 

07769 670 753 / 07590 112 912

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