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Welcome to Edna Robinson as People’s Powerhouse Chairman

What is the People’s Powerhouse movement and why is it needed?

Put very simply, the People’s Powerhouse is a movement which aims to shape the debate around the Northern Powerhouse to ensure people and communities are at the heart of Powerhouse plans for the North of England, rather than at the periphery.

It all started in February 2017, in response to a lack of women speakers at a Manchester conference  but soon became something much bigger. Just a few months later we had the first ever People’s Powerhouse event in Doncaster – and it was clear from the huge groundswell of support we received that lots of different people from many different backgrounds and sectors felt that a true Northern Powerhouse should be doing more to improve the lives of people in the North.

We’re proud to say the People’s Powerhouse movement is already started to change the conversation about what kind of North we want to be – but there’s still a huge amount to do. The more of us that get involved the more we will achieve. We’d love to hear from you!



Welcoming Edna Robinson as People's Powerhouse Chairman

We are delighted to welcome Edna Robinson as People’s Powerhouse Chairman. Edna brings a wealth of experience to our social movement and is an an expert on harnessing soft intelligence to make a difference.

Edna founded the NHS Clinical Soft Intelligence Service, which connects people to share intelligence and best practice across health and social care, allowing individuals to have a voice and encouraging cross sector collaboration. She is also Chairman of the Trafford Housing Trust and the Big Life Group.

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