We The North

Parker Words joins forces with The People’s Powerhouse, to present our call to action, a statement of intent, a celebration of progress and our demand for action.

About us

We believe that the people are the North’s true powerhouse and our diversity is our strength.

We want every northerner to be heard so that they can influence the changes they want to see.

We bring northerners together so that they can decide what the future of the north should look like.

We listen, deliberate and decide together so that everyone’s voice is heard by those with influence and to encourage them to be the best they can be to create change.

Together, we are a movement for change for individuals, communities, businesses and services.

The North is what brings us together. It is our pride and diversity is our strength. Our togetherness brings us courage to speak truth to power.

We strive to improve the lives of all people living in northern England. And it’s time to do things differently, to move forward together on our terms.

If you don’t say it, it can’t be heard. We’re here to ensure what you want to say is heard.

Photographs © Michael Steff

Our Supporters

The People's Powerhouse is supported by the organisations shown here.

They support the values of the People’s Powerhouse by actively engaging in sharing their knowledge, experience, resources and skills.

IPPR North
Transform Lives Comapny
Power to Change
Centre for Welfare reform
Big Life Group
High Rise Communications
Public Sector Executive
Trueman Change
Co-op Foundation

Our address

The People's Powerhouse

Federation House
2 Federation Street
Manchester  M4 4BF


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