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Time for a Reset?

Come and have your say about what should change after Covid-19 at the next People’s Powerhouse listening event,  Monday 22 March, 10-12.30.

Three Northern metro mayors – Andy Burnham, Steve Rotheram and Jamie Driscoll – will be listening to your views between 11-12.00.

Have your say about how we reset after Covid-19 with the People’s Powerhouse.

Between 11am-12pm our chair Edna Robinson (Big Life Group, Trafford Housing Trust) will be joined by three of the Northern mayors: Andy Burnham, Steve Rotheram and Jamie Driscoll, who want to hear from you about what needs to change.

We're here to ensure that what you say is heard.

The diversity of Northern voices is our strength, in both its ordinariness and originality. The People’s Powerhouse Listening Events give people an opportunity to share their thoughts to ensure those with influence create the change that matters to people. We bring diverse voices together, to share the issues that affect Northerners so better choices are made.

Why People's Powerhouse?

The People’s Powerhouse is a movement which exists to shape the debate around the Northern Powerhouse, to ensure that people and communities are at the heart of the Powerhouse plans, not the periphery!

The movement formed in response to the lack of women participating in a conference in Manchester, drawing attention to the lack of diverse opinions and experiences represented in the Northern Powerhouse plans.

Our aim is to include the thoughts and opinions, as well as knowledge and expertise from all sectors of society, with a particular focus on how people are the key to meaningful development!

That means you!

We’ve already started to change the conversation about what kind of North we want to be, but the more of us who get involved, the more we will achieve!

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The People's Powerhouse is supported by the organisations shown here.

They support the values of the People’s Powerhouse by actively engaging in sharing their knowledge, experience, resources and skills.

IPPR North
Transform Lives Comapny
Power to Change
Big Life Group
High Rise Communications
Public Sector Executive
Trueman Change
Co-op Foundation

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